Our Technology

We use top-tier solar panels and solar inverter technology proven for the Oregon climate. We also provide robust racking equipment and advanced  monitoring software. This provides the best quality product for our customers.

Sleek, Modern Solar Panels

New black-on-black solar panels add to the architectural beauty of a home. Plus, a matte finish decreases glare and increases solar absorption.

Risk-Free Warranties

Every solar panel we sell is backed by a 25-year solar production guarantee, as well as our workmanship warranty. Our solar inverters also come with a risk-free warranty.

Free Mobile Monitoring

Your solar systems comes with 5 years of free solar monitoring software, with the option to extend. Watch the magic happen as your solar panels produce energy and save you money.

99% Efficient Solar Inverters

Our solar inverters are 99% efficient to produce high-quality, long-lasting energy, even in Oregon’s cloudy conditions.

Post-Install Service

We are dedicated to serving our customers long after their system is installed and running. We sell and build our solar systems to last, just like our service to you.

Huge Energy Savings

The average Green Ridge Solar customer saves approximately $60,000 in energy costs over the first 25 years of their solar panel system. 

solar panels

Our solar panels are top-tier technology, chosen specifically for Oregon’s climate.

Their black-on-black design provides a sleek, modern aesthetic. No more ugly silver framing.

Plus, a fine matte finish absorbs sunlight instead of reflecting it, increasing solar panel efficiency.

REC 360 Watt

At 360 Watts, our REC solar panels produce more power while taking up less space. Plus, their efficiency rating is one of the highest in the solar panel market. 

SEG 305 Watt & 320 Watt

For a more affordable solar panel that still produces a lot of power, our SEG panels can’t be beat. These black-on-black panels will look right at home on your roof or on your property.

Silfab 370 Watt

Our Silfab 370W solar panels provide the most power of any panel we offer. These high-quality panels provide quality while requiring fewer panels to meet your needs.

solar Inverters
& solar Optimizers

Our solar inverters and optimizers are from SolarEdge, one of the most trusted names in solar.

SolarEdge solar inverters and optimizers are designed to maximize the output of your solar panels.

Even on cloudy days, our solar inverters and optimizers can adjust to ensure maximum power generation.

SolarEdge Single-Phase Inverter

Our SolarEdge single-phase inverter converts the volatile energy from Oregon’s overcast skies into a consistent, steady stream of energy with 99% efficiency.

SolarEdge Three-Phase INverter

Need a little more power than our basic solar inverter? That’s where the SolarEdge three-phase inverter come in. Kick your power production up a notch or three!

SolarEdge Power Optimizers

Don’t let the shade hold you back. Our SolarEdge power optimizers allow your solar panels to produce even more power while partially shaded.


Battery Backup & Generators

We provide battery backup and generators to keep you and your family safe.

You can produce and store your own energy to use at night or in case of emergencies.

When the power grid goes down, you and your family will be safe and secure with battery backup and a generator.

LG Chem Resu 10H

Blackout-proof your home with one of our high-capacity batteries. Charge it with your solar array and use it as needed.

Guardian Series Standby Generators

Looking to go off the grid? Want to be prepared in a power outage? Get utility-quality power using one of our generators.

Electric vehicle Chargers

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are becoming more and more popular and affordable.

With solar panels and an EV charger, you can provide your own fuel to power your vehicle.

We have multiple EV chargers to choose from to fit your specific needs. Ask us which is right for you.

JuiceBox EV Charger

Easy to install and use, the JuiceBox has the ability to fast-charge your electric vehicle, both indoors or outdoors.

LEviton EV Charger

The Leviton EV charger can power up your electric vehicle in no time. Also able to be installed indoors or outdoors. 

SolarEdge Inverter & EV Charger

Not only can the SolarEdge inverter and EV charger power your electric vehicle, it can also convert solar to power your home.

Solar Monitoring & Racking

With SolarEdge monitoring, you can see your solar generation from you phone.

SolarEdge monitoring keeps you informed and helps ensure your solar panels are producing max output.

With IronRidge and Sunmodo solar racking systems, you can rest easy knowing your solar panels are safe and secured. 


Watch the solar magic happen with your computer or smartphone. SolarEdge monitoring tracks live performance of each individual panel and the system as a whole. Comes included for 5 years.

ironridge & Sunmodo racking

IronRidge and Sunmodo are leading names in solar racking. Their expert designs provide robust structural integrity for your solar panels, whether on the roof or on the ground.


The Green Ridge Way

We stand behind our products and workmanship, 100%. We are dedicated to our customers and ensuring we provide top-quality products, outstanding service, and an easy experience.

We are proud to serve the entire state of Oregon, and we look forward to working to help you save with solar energy.

What our customers have to say

My solar panels were installed almost two weeks ago. I have had comments from my neighbors as to how nice the panels sit on my house. The inspectors from my county engineers and electrical utility have all noted how neat and professional the panels and hookups are installed.

Bill Elliott Avatar
Bill Elliott
2 months ago

It's been a great experience so far: 5 stars all around!! From the Customer Service, Sales, Installation Crew, etc. The City of Beaverton approved the permits for Installation today and commented on the high quality job. Hopefully we'll be up and running on Solar Power next week once PGE finish their side of things. Would recommend Green Ridge to anybody considering Solar.

andrew Y Avatar
andrew Y
3 months ago

The entire team at Green Ridge were absolutely fantastic. They were super patient with us as we studied our options for solar and figured out financing for it,. They walked us through their whole process for designing the system for our home, and were quickly responsive whenever we needed clarification on something. The install was quick and easy, and they handled all the permitting and other attendant bureaucracy. If you're looking to get a solar... read more

Ryan Rasmussen Avatar
Ryan Rasmussen
4 months ago

I had zero clue about solar. I found Green Ridge through energy trust of Oregon. They had very high great reviews. One of the 1st companies to reach out after submitting my request. I strongly recommend them. The whole process from start to finish was so very easy. The company does all the paperwork for you just a couple esign documents. They schedule all inspections you need. The crew was very prompt and... read more

ryan pappas Avatar
ryan pappas
4 months ago

Green Ridge has been so pleasant to work with. I was kept well informed every step of the way. We’ve had other contracting companies do work on our house & none have compared to the professionalism & communication of Green Ridge Solar. They have been completely transparent with all of our options. We decided to do financing & it was extremely easy. If you are looking for solar panels this is the company to go... read more

Michelle Alexis Avatar
Michelle Alexis
5 months ago

Good price. Very helpful people to work with from the start. It took a long time to navigate the county steps to get approval to build, but they were persistent.

Marla Struebin & Bruce Abbotts Struebotts Avatar
Marla Struebin & Bruce Abbotts Struebotts
7 months ago

Thank you Green Ridge Solar!!! Making the choice to go solar was a long process for us. Green Ridge Solar was an excellent partner to have support our process as they kept us informed with excellent communications throughout. From the Sales Consultant, Estimation, Installation to follow-up they were Professional, Respectful and Gold Quality all the way. To take on the project during the status of our community with total commitment on... read more

Janice Mayer Avatar
Janice Mayer
8 months ago

I had solar arrays installed on 2 homes. One had unforeseen structural issues that Green Ridge remedied at their cost in order to pass the city of Portland inspection. On the other home I ended up with a more powerful array than I expected at no extra cost. I highly recommend this company. They install top line products. Emma Purice was great to work with, very pro-active, excellent customer service/coordination. The crew was fast professional... read more

yonut atteberry Avatar
yonut atteberry
10 months ago

Great follow up and communication!

Terri Gonzalez Avatar
Terri Gonzalez
1 year ago


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