Hillsboro, OR, Home Installs Solar Panels, Battery Backup, Generator

Hillsboro, Oregon home installs solar panels, battery backup, generator

This Hillsboro, Oregon homeowner wanted to reduce their $500+ energy bills. He also wanted to install battery backup and a generator to be safe during PGE power outages. To reduce the homeowner’s huge $500+ PGE energy bill each month, we installed enough solar panels to cover an est. 100% of his energy needs. Green Ridge […]

Hillsboro, OR, Homeowner Chooses Green Ridge Solar over Ion Solar

This Hillsboro, Oregon homeowner chose to install solar panels with Green Ridge Solar instead of with Ion Solar. And they’re glad they did! Nathan wanted to install solar panels to eliminate his $150+ monthly electricity bill with Pacific Gas and Electric (PGE). He originally got a quote from Ion Solar, but was not impressed with […]

Hillsboro, Oregon Family Installs Solar Panels & Geothermal

Installing solar panels alongside geothermal heating and cooling will save this Hillsboro, Oregon family THOUSANDS of dollars! By coupling solar panels with geothermal, the homeowners can produce their own power AND use geothermal ground source heat pumps to heat and cool their home. Combined, solar and geothermal will slash their whopping $300+ monthly energy bill. […]