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Why Green Ridge Solar?

Local Oregon experts

Green Ridge is a local solar company that was born and raised in Oregon by two best friends, Alex and Brian. They saw a need for a legitimate and reputable solar company that served the state Oregon with integrity. Now in 2023, they are still unafraid to get their hands dirty in the field with their install crew.

Oregon's Best Solar Installers - Alex and Brian of Green Ridge Solar

Zero-Pressure Consultation

We understand going solar is a big decision. That’s why our solar consultants provide the best, zero-pressure sales experience. Our emphasis is on informing you of the benefits of solar and helping you decide if it’s right for you, not on closing a deal.

Sam, "Service Savior"

Meet Sam. Sam is our “Service Savior.” If there is ever an issue with your solar system, Sam is your man. As soon as we know of the problem, we get all the details and get straight to work. We hope you don’t have to meet Sam, but you’ll be in good hands if you do!

Best in Solar Service - Sam from Green Ridge Solar

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Why Go Solar?


Lower Or Eliminate Your Power Bill


Protect From Energy Cost Inflation


Increase Home Value


Provide Energy Backup


Fuel Your Electric Vehicle


Free Up Money For Other Investments


Help Protect The Environment

Some of our recent Solar installations

Best local oregon solar installation company - Green Ridge Solar

family and small business goes solar

Tualatin, OR

A local family with a small business finally decided to make the investment in their home and save for their children's future.

Family powers tesla and home with solar

Hood River, OR

A ground-mounted solar install and battery backup was just what this family needed to power their home and Tesla electric vehicle (EV).

Popular radio host decides to go solar

Astoria, OR

A popular conservative radio talkshow host saw the light and installed solar panels and battery backup for his home radio studio.

What our customers have to say

The mark of the best solar companies is what their customers have to say about them. We take this to heart and wear our customer reviews as a badge of honor. Our reviewers are members of our community in addition to valued customers.

Oregon Locals

A local solar company serving the entire state of Oregon.

Green Ridge Solar is Oregon’s top local solar company with a small-business touch. We are Oregon born-and-raised, and we are proud to be Oregon’s best local company for solar energy, solar system maintenance, and battery backup solutions.

From start to finish, Green Ridge Solar is committed to providing consistent communication and education to each and every customer, no matter the size of the solar project. Our process gets us to the best design for each unique situation, unlike other solar companies that are just eyeing a signed contract.

We use top-tier solar panel technology that is proven for Oregon’s climate, and we hire Oregonians who have an intimate knowledge of Oregon’s construction laws, permitting practices, and available financial incentives.

Once your solar installation is complete, Green Ridge will continue to be your partner in going solar. All our solar installs are backed by our 25-year workmanship warranty, and the guarantee that we will work to resolve any concerns you may have, no matter what. That’s the Green Ridge Way.

We do all this to make your path to solar headache-free and a financial no-brainer. That’s the way going solar should be.

Our Process

Free Solar Consultation

Our friendly energy consultants can provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate of your solar project. Contact us today!

Custom Solar Design

We understand the specific needs of the PNW. That’s why we custom design every install to meet your specific situation.

Professional Installation

Our installers are friendly, local professionals dedicated to quality.

Mobile Monitoring

See in real-time how your solar system is performing and how much you are saving, all from the palm of your hand!

Solar Panels + Batteries + EV Charging


We install the latest in solar panel technology. Our solar panels are chosen for their reliability and aesthetic qualities. All our solar panels come with 25-year warranties for both quality and performance.


We install SolarEdge inverters, the most trusted name in solar inverter technology. Each solar inverter comes with production monitoring, so you can see your solar energy production in real time! Plus, each solar inverter comes with a robust product warranty.


We are proud to partner with LG to install LG Chem batteries. Not only can you store your excess solar energy and use it to offset your usage and charge your EV, you can also stay safe in case of a power outage. That’s the beauty of energy storage and battery backup.


Electric Vehicle (EVs) are quickly growing in popularity. With an EV charger, you can cut your reliance on expensive gasoline and charge your car directly from solar. Plus, with battery backup, you can charge your vehicle overnight and during a power outage.

Ready to learn more?

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See Why A Local Vineyard Installed Solar

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