About Us

Our Story

It all started with our two founders, Alex and Brian, sourcing the best USA-made panels from local providers and installing them themselves in their own neighborhoods. Before they knew it, they had a whole team of local solar experts and were serving the entire state of Oregon.

We use Solar technology that is proven for Oregon’s Climate. We hire Oregonians who have an intimate knowledge of Oregon’s construction laws and available financial incentives. We source our panels from local vendors who are substantially vetted. We do all this to make your path to Solar headache free and a financial no-brainer.

But don’t take our word for it. After install we give every customer 24/7 back-door access to their system so they can see the magic happen for themselves from their mobile phone. Our Service team also monitors every system so we can service any issues right away, and because, heck, we like watching the magic too. Simply put, we are in it for the long haul.

Our Promise To You

We pledge to our customers that we will provide top quality service and products. We stand behind our work 100%, and we are committed to you, our customer, and your satisfaction.


We never subcontract. All our work is done in-house and to the highest standards.


We select the best products and technology for our customers.


We provide full-circle service from start to finish and beyond the install.


We include you in the process and provide clear, honest answers.

Our Owners

Alex and Brian are lifelong friends who grew up in the Portland area.

With a background in construction and electrical work, Alex and Brian saw the huge demand for solar in Oregon, and decided to go into business together. Through their hard work, dedication, and the great team they’ve assembled, they now serve the solar needs for the entire state of Oregon.

Alex Carpenter


Brian Butterfield


Our Sales Team

The Sales Team at Green Ridge is like no other.

Our energy consultants provide a Zero-Pressure solar consultation experience. This means we provide you with the straight facts about your solar options. This includes all the benefits of solar, as well as an honest assessment if solar is right for you.

Emma Purice

Executive Vice President

Caroline Barnes

Energy Consultant

Drex Adams

Energy Consultant


Our Operations and Install department is where the magic happens.

Our team of hardworking managers, technicians, supervisers, and installers have the task of making your solar design a reality. They are the individuals who are out there, come rain or shine, to ensure your solar system is installed to the highest of standards.


There are many people who work behind the scenes at Green Ridge Solar.

They work in permitting, accounting, customer contact, and marketing, and they do the hard work that many might not see or notice. But each of their efforts keeps Green Ridge running, and ensure your experience is smooth, easy, and to your satisfaction.


Use our free solar calculator to estimate your overall savings by switching to solar. Once you calculate your potential savings, you’ll be eligible for a FREE solar analysis with one of our energy consultants.