solar home battery backup systems

Oregonians are increasingly interested in battery backup and home generators. The ability to provide and store your own energy in times of need or for living off-grid are great reasons to install solar, battery backup and invest in a home generator.


Why get a home battery backup or generator?

 Home Resilience

  • Battery backup and a home generator can keep your home powered and safe when the grid goes down. Always be prepared and ready, no matter the circumstances.

Electric Vehicles (EVs)

  • Solar battery backup is an ideal solution to powering an electric vehicle (EV), such as a Tesla, Chevy Bolt, or Nissan LEAF. Charge your batteries with solar during the day, then charge your EV over night.

Whole Home Backup Options

Battery Backup

Home Generators

Solar Panels

LG Chem & Outback Skybox

We offer two battery backup systems, both of which provide customized solutions to your battery backup needs.

Generac Generators

Generac generators come in multiple sizes and run on multiple sources of fuel. We can provide just the right generator for your needs.

Panasonic & Others

Produce your own electricity with top-tier solar technology. Every system is custom built to your specific requirements.

solar + storage Rebate

Oregon residents are eligible to receive up to $5,000 in rebates for their battery backup or solar energy storage system, as well as recoup up to 26% back in federal income tax credits. Green Ridge Solar can provide you with all the details, help you secure these incentives, and install your entire solar battery system.

a solar + storage success story

Green Ridge is the real deal!

They have an A+ team assembled in the local Solar market and provide a seamless and delightful customer experience from design through implementation and production.

I had a ground-mounted Solar array with a 10kwh battery backup designed and installed, and it is absolutely fantastic and well producing.

Every employee along the way I dealt with were professional, extremely knowledgable, and provided clear communication, answers and support for everything I needed.

Thank you!

- Noah

Hood River, OR Solar Homeowner

Est 25-Year Savings


Noah and his family in Hood River, OR, were looking for an energy solution to not only power their home and lower their energy bill, but also a way to store excess energy to charge their Tesla EV and power their home if the grid went down.

Noah turned to Green Ridge Solar to install 28 solar panels and a 10kWh LG Chem battery backup system. The solar system combined with the battery backup will ensure the EV is always charged and the house has a constant supply of power.

Noah’s solar and battery backup came just in time. Shortly after his install was complete, an extended power outage left his whole neighborhood in the dark…except for Noah’s house. He was grateful for the work Green Ridge Solar did in keeping his house powered, even in an outage.

Green Ridge is the real deal!” said Noah. “They have an A+ team assembled in the local solar market and provide a seamless and delightful customer experience from design through implementation and production.”

Many Oregon households are taking the same route Noah took. Solar + Storage battery backup, as well as home generators, are a great energy solution that can be customized to fit your needs.

Give Green Ridge Solar a call today to learn how solar battery backup and a home generator could help you and your family.


Home Battery Backup & Solar Projects

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A popular conservative radio talkshow host saw the light and installed solar panels and battery backup for his home radio studio.

Family powers tesla and home with solar batteries

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