YOur solar Journey

Going solar is simple when the solar company cares about its customers. Green Ridge Solar cares about each and every customer’s solar journey, and we strive to make the entire process simple and easy. Here’s how we make your solar journey a breeze.


Site Audit

The first step in your journey is a site audit with Tyler, Green Ridge Solar’s Project Manager.

During your site audit, we will take measurements and analysis of your proposed solar site. We use these measurements and analysis to ensure you get the best solar install possible.



After your site audit, our expert solar designer Erik will begin designing your solar installation.

We custom design every solar installation to fit the needs and budget of our customers. Erik works directly with the solar energy consultant to design the best solar install for you. Every detail is taken into consideration to ensure you get the best payback for your solar investment.


Once your solar installation is designed, our Operations Specialist Hilary will handle all the permitting paperwork for you.

We understand how confusing and frustrating dealing with permits and bureaucracy can be, so we take care of it all so you don’t have to. That’s just one less task you have to worry about on your journey to solar energy. 


After permitting is complete, our professional solar install team gets straight to work installing your solar panels.

We hire local installers and electrical journeymen, and we never contract out our work. This ensures your solar panels are installed properly and safely, every time.


Great news! Your solar panels are installed. Now it’s time for your local authority to come and inspect your solar installation.

This step is necessary to ensure that your solar installation complies with local building regulations before the utility give final approval. But don’t worry, we handle the entire process.


Now that the local authority has inspected and approved your solar installation, the utility company can do its analysis. The utility company inspects your solar installation to ensure it will appropriately and safely supply excess energy to the utility grid. 


Today’s the day! Your solar journey has finally come to fruition. All that’s left to do now is flip the switch and let your solar installation get to work saving you money and helping the environment!

But don’t worry, Green Ridge Solar will still be there for you long after the install. We are committed to being there for our customers long after the final solar panel has been placed. That’s our responsibility to our cusotmers and our community.



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