What Our Customers Have To Say

Adam Hipple Avatar

The crew was informative and responsive, the planning of the project was well documented and shared, the installation crew received the wrong parts when first arriving to get the project done, so there was a wait time of about a month to finish the project, but otherwise they were quick and efficient, and took care of everything for us. Very happy.

Adam Hipple 2 days ago
Bill Elliott Avatar

My solar panels were installed almost two weeks ago. I have had comments from my neighbors as to how nice the panels sit on my house. The inspectors from my county engineers and electrical utility have all noted how neat and professional the panels and hookups are installed.

Bill Elliott 2 months ago
andrew Y Avatar

It's been a great experience so far: 5 stars all around!! From the Customer Service, Sales, Installation Crew, etc. The City of Beaverton approved the permits for Installation today and commented on the high quality job. Hopefully we'll be up and running on Solar Power next week once PGE finish their side of things. Would recommend Green Ridge to anybody considering Solar.

andrew Y 3 months ago
Ryan Rasmussen Avatar

The entire team at Green Ridge were absolutely fantastic. They were super patient with us as we studied our options for solar and figured out financing for it,. They walked us through their whole process for designing the system for our home, and were quickly responsive whenever we needed clarification on something. The install was quick and easy, and they handled all the permitting and other attendant bureaucracy. If you're looking to get a solar system, I highly recommend doing so with Green Ridge.

Ryan Rasmussen 4 months ago
ryan pappas Avatar

I had zero clue about solar. I found Green Ridge through energy trust of Oregon. They had very high great reviews. One of the 1st companies to reach out after submitting my request. I strongly recommend them. The whole process from start to finish was so very easy. The company does all the paperwork for you just a couple esign documents. They schedule all inspections you need. The crew was very prompt and professional. Good guys to talk to and everyone knows each aspect of the project. Any questions I had were answered immediately.

ryan pappas 4 months ago
Michelle Alexis Avatar

Green Ridge has been so pleasant to work with. I was kept well informed every step of the way. We’ve had other contracting companies do work on our house & none have compared to the professionalism & communication of Green Ridge Solar. They have been completely transparent with all of our options. We decided to do financing & it was extremely easy. If you are looking for solar panels this is the company to go with. They are so knowledgeable & we are forever grateful for the team! THANK YOU GREEN RIDGE SOLAR!! We will continue to recommend you guys to friends & family! Thanks again to Brian, Alex & Tyler for your hard work & making the trip out here to do our install. -The Crysels

Michelle Alexis 5 months ago
Marla Struebin & Bruce Abbotts Struebotts Avatar

Good price. Very helpful people to work with from the start. It took a long time to navigate the county steps to get approval to build, but they were persistent.

Marla Struebin & Bruce Abbotts Struebotts 7 months ago
Janice Mayer Avatar

Thank you Green Ridge Solar!!! Making the choice to go solar was a long process for us. Green Ridge Solar was an excellent partner to have support our process as they kept us informed with excellent communications throughout. From the Sales Consultant, Estimation, Installation to follow-up they were Professional, Respectful and Gold Quality all the way. To take on the project during the status of our community with total commitment on their part was amazing and painless for us. Working with their Team of Professionals was refreshing. We enjoy being able to log on and get live data on how our system is working. I would recommend Green Ridge Solar to anyone considering Going Green!!!

Janice Mayer 8 months ago
yonut atteberry Avatar

I had solar arrays installed on 2 homes. One had unforeseen structural issues that Green Ridge remedied at their cost in order to pass the city of Portland inspection. On the other home I ended up with a more powerful array than I expected at no extra cost. I highly recommend this company. They install top line products. Emma Purice was great to work with, very pro-active, excellent customer service/coordination. The crew was fast professional and efficient.

yonut atteberry 10 months ago
Terri Gonzalez Avatar

Great follow up and communication!

Terri Gonzalez 1 year ago
Dianne Long Avatar

prompt quick friendly, great job

Dianne Long 1 year ago
Cord Slatton-Valle Avatar

Helpful planning and friendly, efficient installers that do a very professional job.

Cord Slatton-Valle 1 year ago
Mike Banes Avatar

Great job on the installation! 28 panels and no problems. Permitting was smooth! Go green, get Solar!!

Mike Banes 1 year ago
Angela Vezo Avatar

All the staff from beginning to end were wonderful to work with, and very organized and knowledgeable group. The process was pretty seamless! We just finished install and just have to go through inspections so haven’t used yet but so far 5 ⭐️

Angela Vezo 1 year ago
Douglas Sutton Avatar

The office seemed a little disorganized but the installers were good and pleasant to have at my home. All during the Covid-19 debacle.

Douglas Sutton 1 year ago
James Allen Avatar

they worked hard to get the best technological solutions to my power needs

James Allen 1 year ago
Jeff Tunks Avatar

What a great team to work with. We are so happy with our new solar system. They were so courteous.

Jeff Tunks 1 year ago
Roy Williams Avatar

Professional kept, me informed, answered all my questions. Listened to me about how and where to mount equipment. Explained every step. Friendly.

Roy Williams 1 year ago
Tim Symons Avatar

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff. Quick and easy approval and installation process. Great and very responsive people to work with. Can't wait to see the positive impacts of the system.

Tim Symons 1 year ago
Chris Vander Sys Avatar

DISCLAIMER; I did not buy solar panels. This review is based solely on my inferactioms with team memebers. After being persued what I would call aggresivley after clicking on an ad banner on Instagram I was somewhat dreading the telephone conference I had set up with this company. I was genuinely interested in investing in solar, but after doing some research prior to the meeting I was starting to realize solar may not benefit me as much as I presumed it would. Electricity in my county is among the cheapest in the country and it would probably take me beyond the life of the solar panels to recoup my investment. But I decided to hear them out anyways, I mean I dunno my research could be wrong. To my surprise it wasnt, and the rep let me know right away it probably wasn't a great fit for me. Seems like a stand up company to me and wouldn't hesitate to revisit the idea with this group down the line when solar is invedibaly more affordable and commonplace

Chris Vander Sys 1 year ago
Jon Borchardt Avatar

Great overall experience with the Green Ridge Solar team from start to finish. I highly recommend them to my friends and neighbors

Jon Borchardt 1 year ago
Bryan Fuehrer Avatar

Our house had been turned down for solar by other companies, but Green Ridge brought in an engineer, came up with some inventive ideas, and made it happen! Also love the fact that we own the system with a great warranty.

Bryan Fuehrer 1 year ago
Mark Olivo Avatar

End to end process was very thorough and the Greenridge team helped guide me along the way. The install took less than 2 days and we are anxiously awaiting PGE to replace our meter so that we can turn the system on

Mark Olivo 1 year ago
Frank Rossi Avatar

Great company, great people. Install was a charm, workers were friendly and informative. Phone support is fantastic.

Frank Rossi 1 year ago
Craig Adams Avatar

I had an issue with the inverter not communicating and a tech came out the next day. The fix was a simple update of the inverter software and a system restart and all was good. The tech walked me through the restart proces and said to try that first if it stops communicating and that should fix the problem, and if it doesn't somebody would come out right away to fix the issue.

Craig Adams 1 year ago
Kelley Mceachern Avatar

9.92kw home project last fall (Sept) and they got it done in 72 hrs and it looks beautiful, has saved us over $100/month on our 4200 sq ft house and the 30% Federal tax credit for 2019 was huge. Also , the tech works. From Sept 17th to April 24th my array has generated 5.23 MWh's so far. That is wonderful considering this doesn't include Western Oregon summer yet. I highly recommend Greenridge for any solar project. From installation to inspections to startup to support, they are highly experienced and we are very happy with our experience. Thank you GRS!

Kelley Mceachern 1 year ago
William Tyson Avatar

Quality product and work was done professionally and on time.

William Tyson 1 year ago
Nathan Leavitt Avatar

I had a mediocre experience with Solar City in the past, but my experience with Green Ridge was completely different. It didn’t matter who I was dealing with at Green Ridge - a technician, an account manager - they were all kind, conscientious, caring, professional, and knowledgeable. I would recommend them to anyone interested in solar for their home.

Nathan Leavitt 1 year ago
Alex Carpenter Avatar

Great company, with integrity.

Alex Carpenter 1 year ago
Michael Phipps Avatar

Since I started my quest for solar power last fall, Green Ridge Solar were superb in their customer service department, will to answer any questions, any time, even after work hours and weekends! All their employees we came in contact with were friendly, very professional, I'd highly recommend this company!!??

Michael Phipps 1 year ago
Vance Williams Avatar

Installing Solar Panels with Green Ridge was seamless. Green Ridge sales and management teams were great to work with. They answered all of my questions promptly. The panels were installed quickly and to agreed upon specifications. The panels were installed in late August 2020 and provided enough power to cover my usage through January. By March, my system was again exceeding my usage. I would highly recommend Green Ridge Solar to my friends and neighbors.

Vance Williams 1 year ago
Luba Kvokov Avatar

Excellent service and the installation was very quick

Luba Kvokov 1 year ago
Dave Dutchuk Avatar

Green Ridge Solar was and is a great choice for Solar Energy. After the initial sales hiccups everything went very smoothly. From the installers to the administrative side, emails, documents, even them having to make a trip out for one simple piece to complete the project. All the installers where very knowledgeable, friendly, and very respectful. All questions where answered in a timely manner and if they couldn't find the answer or a technical issue at the time of the phone call they had it the next day. Installation of everything only took two days and we truly appreciate that. Nice to know that now our power bill is only the maintenance fee and that makes everyone in the household very happy. Thank you very much for everything...

Dave Dutchuk 1 year ago
Aaron Veal Avatar

The people were awesome to work with and they worked around your schedule. The process didn’t take long to install.

Aaron Veal 1 year ago
gary ohren Avatar

It was a pleasure to do business with Green Ridge Solar. They were there to help me through the whole project. I could not have attempted this project without there help and guidance. The project did not cost as much as I thought it would. I am very happy with the outcome of this project

gary ohren 1 year ago
Boone Turnbauer Avatar

Great to work with. We are very happy with our new solar system.

Boone Turnbauer 1 year ago
Don Ediger Avatar

Liked pretty much everything. I have been sitting on this request for two days to think about it. I liked everyone I had any reason to speak with about anything related to incentives, equipment, personnel, project timing. I would recommend GRS to anyone who asks. Thank you to everyone for meeting my expectations.

Don Ediger 1 year ago
Roger Olson Avatar

Very friendly and easy to work with they took two days as they told us excellent installation and results as we were expecting electric bills went down to $12.00 and then installed a heat pump and it stayed the same?

Roger Olson 1 year ago
Ron Stark Avatar

This company went so far above and beyond what was expected. They put out a Great product with exceptional workers. The staff you get to deal with in the office are Amazing. I Highly recommend Green Ridge Solar.

Ron Stark 1 year ago
Noah Maxwell Avatar

Green Ridge is the real deal! They have an A+ team assembled in the local Solar market and provide a seamless and delightful customer experience from design through implementation and production. I had a ground-mounted Solar array with a 10kwh battery backup designed and installed, and it is absolutely fantastic and well producing.Every employee along the way I dealt with were professional, extremely knowledgable, and provided clear communication, answers and support for everything I needed. Thank you!

Noah Maxwell 1 year ago
Jolyn Zeller Avatar

Hilary kept me informed every step of the way. I am waiting for my inspection and final PGE approval. good bye electric bill

Jolyn Zeller 1 year ago
alex stranahan Avatar

These guys at Green Ridge Solar know their stuff. Professional and helpful. Highly recommend.

alex stranahan 1 year ago
Jace Nimmo Avatar

Great experience, we just sat back and watched it happen.

Jace Nimmo 1 year ago
Emily Buel Avatar

Excellent place. Workers are friendly, knowledgable and actually are helpful! Nothing but good things to say about this company!

Emily Buel 1 year ago
Izzy Gavaza Avatar

Everyone at Green Ridge was very professional, friendly and thorough. Their products are manufactured in the U.S. and it’s a great investment as well as beneficial for the environment.

Izzy Gavaza 1 year ago
David Acton Avatar

The crew that performed the install on the house Summer 2018 were experienced and did a good job. The roof had no leaks, and they were prompt & timely. My electric bills are effectively gone. In the summer I bank credit through the net metering agreement with the local power company, and in the winter I draw on those credits when needed.I've had a couple minor complaints with the performance of the battery system, but Green Ridge has been very proactive about making sure I am satisfied with the performance of the system they implemented as a whole.Update August 2019: Green Ridge replaced the original battery system with one that is a significant upgrade, as they recognized the batteries they were installing in 2018 were problematic for other customers as well. The new battery is wall mounted & looks much nicer, takes up less garage space, has far better load & capacity specs, and is more reliable. They did this at no charge, and included an inverter replacement/upgrade and a couple more roof panels for my trouble. You really can't ask for a better response.

David Acton 1 year ago
Maren Tunks Avatar

Nice people

Maren Tunks 1 year ago
Susan Moffatt Avatar

I've had my system in place for a year. It was a smooth installation process and it is as efficient as Green Ridge anticipated. Job well done!

Susan Moffatt 1 year ago
Atina Enoch Avatar

We installed solar last year on our house and our system has worked great. We only paid our electric company two months this winter and the rest of the year was completely covered by our system. Green ridge has gotten an awesome new team together this year and any of the customer service complaints we had about their old team, were completely taken care of by their new representatives. They went above and beyond to help us this year and make things right. It’s rare to find a company willing to do that for its customers. We 100% recommend them. Thank you Green Ridge!

Atina Enoch 1 year ago
DAN R Avatar

Very friendly and easy prosses..

DAN R 1 year ago
Eric Duckett Avatar

Very helpful and quick to respond or get back to me if I have questions or concerns about the equipment.

Eric Duckett 1 year ago
Zabdi Lopez Avatar

Great service and Susan is a great Arles person.

Zabdi Lopez 1 year ago
Cindy Hemphill Avatar

Nobody yet. Looking for info on new construction in the Oregon city area. PGE is really expense to put in on our 20 plus acre property charge you for pole transformers vaults etc need a comparison!!

Cindy Hemphill 2 years ago
Ashley Eddington Shimer Avatar

If you're looking for solar, the team at Green Ridge is the most ethical and honest team around... fantastic product, the BEST quality and the best staff!

Ashley Eddington Shimer 2 years ago
Tyler Schott Avatar

I've been working at Green Ridge Solar since December of 2017 and it's been a great experience to see and to help the company help our community to save money and save the environment by going green. The owners of the company have the customer's best interest in mind and each department tries their hardest to provide the best customer experience that they possibly can. Go green with Green Ridge!

Tyler Schott 2 years ago
Cama LeFevre Buel Avatar

Green Ridge Solar provides excellent customer service, I would definitely recommend working with them.

Cama LeFevre Buel 2 years ago
Morgan Anderson Avatar

I was lucky enough to work at Green Ridge this summer while being home from college. Not only was this a fun environment that allowed me to get involved in the community, but I also met so many cool people 🙂 Go green!

Morgan Anderson 2 years ago
Cooper Hollie Avatar

Green Ridge Solar is a great place to work!

Cooper Hollie 2 years ago
Kay Harrington Avatar

We just had our installation and it was a great experience. The people at green ridge solar made it so easy and explained everything ever step of the way. The inspector from our electric company said they did an outstanding job on the installation. We got a rebate from them and we will get a rebate on our taxes that we can apply toward our solar panel loan. We all have to do our part to fight climate change and make our country better. I feel like I've done something to help the struggle by getting these solar panels installed. I highly recommend Greed Ridge Solar.

Kay Harrington 2 years ago
Brooks Benson Avatar

Quality service. Did what they said they were going to do. Great customer service.

Brooks Benson 2 years ago



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