Solar system maintenance and service is important for every solar panel installation. If a panel or component of your system ever does break, our internal service team can help fix broken panels, troubleshoot errors, repair other components, solve wiring issues, and help get your solar system back to operating smoothly. Here are some important steps for maintaining your system to keep it operating at peak performance.

Regular solar system service is crucial to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of your solar panels. Without proper maintenance and upkeep, your panels may experience decreased performance and even fail altogether. Fixing things early on ensures that components don’t experience undue stress, and you get the most production out of your system at all times.

Important solar system services include removal and reinstallation of solar panels, adding additional solar panels, installing critter guard, and troubleshooting any errors or communications issues. By investing in solar system service, you can ensure that your panels are operating at their maximum capacity and producing clean, renewable energy for your home or business.



If your energy needs have grown over the years, you might need to install additional solar panels. Whether you have added new appliances, bought an electric vehicle (EV), or expanded your family, we can help meet your new energy needs.

We can install additional solar panels, upgrade your inverters and meters to meet your new energy needs. Our experts have experience with all types of solar panels, inverters, and we work with all Oregon utilities.



If your solar panel system is experiencing reduced energy production or your inverters are showing errors, you’ll need a solar expert to help.

Our experts can help troubleshoot issues or errors with your solar panels or inverters. We have experience with a wide range of solar panel and inverter brands. And our expert electricians are skilled and knowledgeable to get the job done right.



Critter guard is a good way to prevent squirrels, birds, and other animals from getting under your solar panels and potentially causing damage.

We can install critter guard around your solar panels and prevent any damage from birds, rodents, or other unwelcomed guests. Squirrel and bird proofing also preserves the more delicate components of your system.



Is your solar system experiencing communications issues? We can help. If your solar monitoring app is not connecting properly, your solar panels aren’t showing energy production, or other problems, it might be due to communications issues.

We can track down and pinpoint the communication problems with your solar system and make sure your solar panels, inverters, and monitoring app are all connected and communicating properly.


As a rule of thumb, we recommend cleaning your solar panels twice per year. That’s once at the start of summer to clear off any spring pollen/debris, and once towards the end of summer to remove any dust that built up over the summer months. These times are when you may tend to notice a drop in production (5-10%), or you see visible build-up of pollen, dirt, dust, or plant material. When it’s time to clean your panels, we have a list of recommended companies, or you can do it yourself if you prefer!