Our solar projects

We work hard on every solar project, and we take pride in satisfying each and every customer. That’s why we like to show off a bit and share our latest Oregon solar installs.


Family and Home-Based Business Go Solar

Tualatin, OR

A local family decided to go solar again after moving to a new house. They decided to make the investment and save for their children’s future.

Other Solar companies turned him down

Milwaukie, OR

After other solar companies turned him down, Green Ridge Solar took on the challenge and created a unique solar solution for his family.


Astoria, OR

A popular conservative radio talkshow host saw the light and installed solar panels and battery backup for his home and radio studio.

Family-Owned Vineyard GOes Solar for Biz, Homes

Cheshire, OR

With three houses, a winery, and a vineyard, RainSong Vineyard decided solar was a good fit to power them all.

family powers tesla and home with solar

Hood River, OR

A ground-mounted solar install and battery backup was just what this family needed to power their home and Tesla electric vehicle (EV).

nike employee puts solar on his garage

Sherwood, OR

A Nike employee didn’t want to put solar on his home, so he decked out his garage with a mini power plant that is slashing his energy bills.

Green Ridge Installs 99 Solar Panels in 1 Day

Aurora, OR

In just 1 day, our team installs 99 solar panels for a local oregon business owner. He will now save est. $230,000 in just the first 25 years of his solar panels.

retired couple stabilize Energy costs

Milwaukie, OR

A retired couple decided to go solar to lock in their energy costs, stabilize their budgets in retirement, and improve the future for their grandchildren.

open field perfect for solar install

Amity, OR

With a large yard that gets lots of sun, this solar install was the perfect opportunity for a ground-mounted solar. Check out this beauty!

historic home breaks precedent with solar

Albany, OR

In a rare move, a local landmarks commission allows solar to be installed on a historic home in a historic district of Albany, OR. Green Ridge Solar was honored to be part of such a landmark decision.

doctor and family decide to go solar

Tualatin, OR

A local doctor and his extended family have had their Tualatin, Oregon solar install for several years.  Their system is slashing their energy costs.

family solar installed in less than 2 days

Beaverton, OR

Our install crew was on top of their game and installed this system in less than 2 days. The family was eager to start seeing their solar savings.

Ground mount solar Hillsboro, Oregon

Family Cancels Tesla, Installs with Green Ridge

Hillsboro, OR

After frustrating experiences with Tesla Solar, this family decided to go local. We were able to install their solar just as they wanted.

ground mount solar install for wheat farmer in Oregon

Family Farm Saves Over $700 Per Month with Solar

Pendleton, OR

This family-run wheat farm will save an est. $180,000 in the first 25 years of their solar. Plus, they will gain budget certainty that will allow them to better manage and hand off the farm to the next generation.

Solar panels on a homemade wooden pole structure in Mulino, Oregon

Log-Pole Structure Built For Solar Panels

Mulino, OR

This couple’s roof wasn’t the best for solar panels. So they took matters into their own hands and built their own structure! They used trees from their property to build the log-pole structure for their solar panels.

Solar On Metal Barn Roof

Going from $200 A month on Energy to just $9

Aumsville, OR

This family’s was crazy high at over $200 per month! But by installing solar panels on their barn roof, they can now get 100% of their energy from the sun and only have to pay the $9 utility fee each month. WOW!

Solar Panels on Barn - Oregon Solar Install

Barn Roof Was Perfect Place For Solar Panels

Newberg, OR

This family’s house roof wasn’t great for solar. But their barn roof was perfect! See how they are expected to save over $75,000 with solar.

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