Beavercreek, OR, Home Installs Solar Panels

Location: Beavercreek, Oregon
Services(s): Ground Mount Solar Panels
Category: Residential
Estimated Savings: $70,000

Family Slashes $200+ PGE Energy Bills

This Beavercreek, Oregon homeowner installed solar panels to reduce their energy bills from Portland General Electric (PGE).

To reduce their huge $200+ PGE energy bill, we installed enough solar panels to cover an est. 100% of his energy needs. The homeowner is also considering adding battery backup in the future, which is a great idea! His system can be installed as normal and batteries added at a later date. His solar panels will slash his energy bills AND have the potential to charge battery backup in the future!

Learn more about battery backup and how it can keep you and your family safe.

And because Green Ridge Solar tracks down every solar incentive you qualify for, the Beavercreek homeowner was able to save LOADS of money on their solar panels and battery backup. Those incentives will kick start their solar savings. See our Solar Incentives Guide to see what solar incentives you could qualify for.

Their solar panels will offset an est. 100% of the family’s annual energy usage. They will save an est. $20,000 in the first 10 years. That’s an est. $70,000 in the first 25 years! And that’s not including skyrocketing energy price inflation. As utility rates increase, they’ll save EVEN MORE!

If utility prices keep rising at they rate they have been recently, those solar savings can compound even higher! This is especially true in the Beavercreek, Oregon area, which has been installing more and more solar. This has meant millions in energy savings for those Beavercreek, Oregon families and businesses.

How much could you save with solar? Use our Solar Calculator to find out, or contact us today to get your free solar quote.

Have you considered installing solar panels, battery backup, or an EV charger to save money? It’s a great idea! Chat with us today to learn about installing solar panels, battery backup, and EV charging. We know every solar incentive there is in Oregon and work to find you the best price and the best incentives. That way your solar panel payback is as high as possible and you save as much money as you can.

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“I am pleased to give a 5 star rating for this solar company. For 5 years I did my research on the solar industry and had multiple bids from different companies. Green Ridge showed itself to be a cut above all the others I spoke to. Their professionalism from the first contact was exceptional. They were not pushy in their sale and they were some of the most competitive with their pricing that I found. After viewing all the info on their website and reading all the reviews I was satisfied to decide to use them to put in my ground mount system. From the first day of entering into a contract for the install they said what they would do and did what they said. They made this install so easy with their prompt install, keeping me in touch with the next task and scheduled time for crew to be here. Everything with this install was done with efficiency that only comes from a can do motto, excellent work onsite with their in house employees who quickly completed the project. I also drove and toured the headquarters of Green Ridge and was impressed with their operations. This is one satisfied customer to say the least. Yes, give them a call as you will not be sorry.”