Energy Trust of Oregon Announces Increased Solar Incentives

Energy Trust of Oregon ETO Increases solar rebate, updates income eligibility

The Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) has announce increased solar incentives and adjustments to income-eligibility for low-income solar incentives. Oregon residents can now qualify for larger solar rebates, and income-eligible households can more easily qualify for discounted solar and battery rates through the ETO’s Solar Within Reach program.

ETO Solar Rebate Increase

The Energy Trust of Oregon offers a rebate for Portland General Electric (PGE) and Pacific Power customer who install solar panels. Customers must install solar with a certified ETO Trade Ally.

The ETO solar rebate has increased the PGE rebate from $400 to $1,000 per household. The Pacific Power solar rebate has increased from $450 to $1,200 per household.

ETO Solar Within Reach Income Eligibility Updates

ETO has also adjusted income eligibility requirements for the Solar Within Reach program. This will make solar panels and battery backup more affordable for low-income Oregon households. (New income requirements are in the chart below).

Solar Incentive

Solar Within Reach is a solar incentive program for income-eligible Oregon residents. Solar Within Reach is run by Energy Trust of Oregon (ETO) and provides elevated incentive rates for households that meet certain income requirements.

Qualifying Portland General Electric customers can now receive a $1.20 per Watt discount on their solar installation, with a maximum discount of $7,200 per home. This is an increase from the previous discount of $1.00 per Watt.

Qualifying Pacific Power customers will receive $1.00 per Watt discount on their solar installation with a maximum discount of $6,000 per home.

Battery Incentive

ETO Solar Within Reach also provides incentives for battery backup/energy storage. 

Both Pacific Power and PGE customers can receive $500/kWh of storage (up to $6,000). If they qualify as low-income, PGE customers can receive up to $1,000/kWh (up to $13,000) and Pacific Power customers can receive up to $750/kWh (up to $10,000) for installing battery storage.

To qualify for Solar Within Reach, homeowners must:

  • Be a Pacific Power or Portland General Electric customer
  • Have gross annual income at or below the income threshold for their household size (see chart)
  • Work with a qualifying Solar Trade Ally Contractor, such as Green Ridge Solar. Contact us today!

ETO Solar Within Reach Program Income Eligibility Requirements


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