Eugene Oregon Vineyard Cuts Costs with Solar Panels

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Services(s): Ground Mount Solar Panels
Category: Agricultural, Commercial, Residential
Estimated Savings: $100,000

Family-Run Vineyard Increases Profits with Solar Panels

Operating a vineyard and winery consumes a lot of energy. From pumping water for irrigation to operating the machinery to crush, heat, ferment, and refrigerate the wine, the need for energy is constant.

RainSong Vineyard knows this quite well.

Nestled in the Willamette Valley just north of Eugene, RainSong is a family-owned business that was begun in 1985 by Mike and Mary Fix. Now, the vineyard and winery are co-owned and operated by Mike and Mary’s daughters Fiona Fix-Mitchell and Allie Hall, as well as Allie’s husband Marcus Hall.

Fiona, Allie, and Marcus have all been curious about solar energy in the past, but they were hesitant to fully invest.

“My biggest concern was the cost,” Allie said. “It seemed cost-prohibitive.”

But when she and Marcus broke it down, they learned that by investing in solar panels they could produce their own energy AND protect themselves and their business from future energy rate hikes.

Plus, as Marcus explained, the product and labor warranties were also crucial in their decision to go solar.

Because Green Ridge is an authorized installer, RainSong’s solar panels are fully protected for 25 years. And even better, as Marcus explained, the warranty is not prorated.

“If the panels fail after 24 years and 9 months, it’s completely covered.” Marcus explained.

That was a HUGE reason why Marcus was convinced solar was right for the family and the business.

The final aspect that convinced Fiona, Allie, and Marcus that going solar was right for them was their experiences with Green Ridge. Fiona was impressed by the dedication of the install team, who drove hours each day during the winter to install their system. Allie enjoyed her interactions with the Green Ridge team and their friendly nature.

“I think everyone at Green Ridge was fabulous to work with,” Allie said. “Just the fact that we could have so many fun, positive interactions, and everyone in the company is genuinely happy…I loved that.”

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