Family Ditches Tesla Solar for Green Ridge Solar in Hillsboro, Oregon

Location: Hillsboro, Oregon
Services(s): Ground Mount Solar Panels, Battery Backup
Category: Commercial, Residential
Estimated Savings: $180,000

Goodbye Tesla, Hello Green Ridge Solar

This Hillsboro, Oregon family really wanted a ground-mounted solar system and battery backup. After being rejected by several solar companies, they settled on a rooftop solar system and batteries from Tesla Solar. Unfortunately, the family kept running into problems with Tesla and could barely get their help. That’s when they instead decided a local company was the way to go.

They contacted Green Ridge Solar, and we were able to build the solar and battery backup system they were looking for. Now they will save an estimated $180,000 in the first 25 years of their solar panels. Their ground mount solar project combines with Oregon’s net metering program to ensure more money goes into their pockets, and not their utility company’s.

That’s the power and importance of working with a local solar company. We will do whatever it takes for our customers. We find the best applicable credits and incentives for every customer and every project, whether in Hillsboro, Oregon or throughout the rest of the state. That’s the Green Ridge Way.

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