Couple Builds Log-Pole Structure for Solar Panels in Mulino, Oregon

Location: Mulino, Oregon
Services(s): Roof Mounted Solar Panels
Category: Residential
Estimated Savings: $60,000

Roof Not A Good Fit For Solar? No Problem!

This Mulino, Oregon couple was bummed when their roof wasn’t a good fit for solar panels. But that didn’t stop them!

Instead, in true Oregonian fashion, they took matters into their own hands and built a custom structure for their solar panels!

What’s even cooler is they built the structure out of logs from trees on their own property. Now THAT’S what we call determination! We worked to ensure that even though their situation was very customized, their solar would still pass all the necessary permitting and approval hurdles. Now they have a structure is built to last, and a solar system with production that will be lasting as well.

With their new solar panels, the couple will save an est. $24,000 on energy bills in the first 10 years at their Mulino, Oregon property. That’s upwards of $60,000 over the next 25 years. And as energy prices continue to increase, those savings will only grow bigger and bigger.

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