New Roof, New Solar Panels, New Savings in Salem, OR

Location: Oregon, Salem
Services(s): Roof Mounted Solar Panels
Category: Residential
Estimated Savings: $54,000

Roof Not A Good Fit For Solar? No Problem!

When a Salem, Oregon, couple needed a new roof on their house, they realized it was a GREAT time to look into solar panels.

Lucky for them, they were able to install the new roof AND install solar panels back-to-back. Combining the projects into one saved the family tons of time and effort. It also made for the ideal setup for solar panels at their Salem, OR residence. Now they won’t have to worry about reroofing for a long time and can enjoy their solar savings all the while.

What’s even better, they are now saving thousands of dollars a year on energy bills.

With their new solar panels, the couple will save an estimated $22,000 on energy bills in the first 10 years. That’s upwards of $54,000 over the next 25 years. And as energy prices continue to increase, those savings will only grow bigger and bigger. And if utility prices keep rising at they rate they have been recently, that savings can compound even higher!

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If you have considered getting a new roof, installing solar panels at the same time is a great idea! Chat with us today to learn about installing solar panels along with your new roof. We work with roofing partners that make the reroofing and solar install process quick, easy, and saves you money in the process.

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