Retired Mother in Eugene, Oregon Installs Solar + Battery for Cabin

Location: Eugene, Oregon
Services(s): Ground Mount Solar Panels, Battery Backup
Category: Residential
Estimated Savings: $50,000

Solar Helps Mother, Daughter Save & Make A Difference

Why did this retired mother in Eugene, Oregon install solar panels and battery backup at her cabin? For savings, safety, and to make a positive impact.

Kim shares property with her daughter and lives in a separate cabin. When she moved into the cabin to enjoy her retirement, she also wanted to make a difference. That’s why she and her daughter decided solar panels and battery backup were a great fit for them!

By installing solar panels, Kim can reduce or eliminate her energy bills while also gaining budget certainty. No more unexpectedly high energy bills at the end of the month! And this benefit also extends to her daughter, whose house is also powered by the solar panels.

Kim and her daughter can also rest assured that their battery backup will keep them safe and secure during power outages. Plus, their batteries can also power their future electric vehicles (EVs).

But possibly most important to Kim, she is using her Eugene, Oregon solar cabin to make a difference for the world. Her solar panels and battery backup help reduce her carbon footprint and help the environment. This means a better, brighter future for her daughter and following generations.

Kim’s solar panels will save them an est. $20,000 on utility bills in the first 10 years! That adds up to over $50,000 in the the first 25 years. And that’s not including energy cost inflation!

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