Retired Couple Stabilize Budget With Solar in Milwaukie, Oregon

Location: Milwaukie, Oregon
Services(s): Roof Mounted Solar Panels, EV Charger
Category: Residential
Estimated Savings: $50,000

Installing Solar Panels In Retirement

Budgetary uncertainty is a huge factor in retirement for this Milwaukie, Oregon couple. When it came to utility bills, trying to guess their monthly costs was like throwing darts in the dark. How high will it be this month? Who knows?!

And because many retired Americans live on a fixed income, receiving an unexpected high utility bill can totally derail that careful financial planning.

That’s why this retired Milwaukie, Oregon couple decided to install solar panels. With a fixed income, they wanted to budget certainly solar can provide. Now they have a steady monthly bill they can budget for with certainty. They know their energy expenses ahead of time and can feel secure in their retirement plans. And on top of that, they are happy to be creating a cleaner future for their grandchildren.

Plus, because they also installed an EV charger, they can charge their electric vehicle from their solar panels! That’s another bill they don’t have to worry about as gas prices rises and fall wildly.

Their solar panels will save them an est. $20,000 on utility bills in the first 10 years! That adds up to over $50,000 in the the first 25 years. And that’s not including the savings from charging their electric vehicle.

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