SunModo Corporate HQ Installs Solar Panels

Location: Vancouver, Washington
Services(s): Roof Mounted Solar Panels
Category: Agricultural, Commercial
Estimated Savings: $100,000

SunModo Corp HQ Installs Solar Panels

Solar rack and mounting manufacturer SunModo installs solar panels on their corporate headquarters. That’s right, a solar equipment manufacturer installed solar panels on their headquarters and chose Green Ridge Solar to do the job!

SunModo knows a thing or two about solar energy. They also know the HUGE savings potential from solar panels. After all, it takes A LOT of energy to manufacturer solar equipment. That’s why they decided solar would be a great fit for the corporate headquarters.

We worked with SunModo to install their 33kW ground-mount style rack on their roof. This was a specific request from SunModo, and we custom designed their solar install to their request.

The project encountered several challenges and hoops to jump through along the way. However, we are used to rolling with the punches and taking on big challenges. In the end, we accomplished both our goals and the goals of the customer. SunModo was grateful for our determination and our communication throughout the entire process.

That’s one of the HUGE benefits of working with Green Ridge Solar. We have strong experience with a broad and diverse range of solar projects. And when we meet a challenge, we have the experts and connections to get the job done right and in a timely manner.

Plus, we find every solar incentive you qualify for. And, we apply for those incentives and take care of the paperwork. That way you save as much as possible on your solar panel installation.

With their new solar panels, SunModo will produce as est. 100% for their corporate headquarters. Those savings will have a huge impact on their business. They will save tens of thousands on energy bills in the first decade of their solar. That’s not including energy cost inflation! As energy prices continue to increase, those savings will only grow bigger and bigger.

If utility prices keep rising at they rate they have been recently, that savings can compound even higher! This is especially true in the Washington and Oregon area, which has been installing more and more solar. This has meant millions in energy savings for those Eugene families and businesses.

How much could you save with solar? Use our Solar Calculator to find out, or contact us today to get your free solar quote.

Installing solar panels for your commercial business is a great idea! The amount of savings you could achieve are huge, and so are the benefits to your business. Chat with us today to learn about installing solar panels. We have installed many large commercial solar panel projects and can certainly help yours, too!

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