Solar Installs From Hell & How Green Ridge Does Better

Let’s be honest. There are some horrible solar installs and terrible solar companies out there.

Unfortunately, these solar companies give the whole solar industry a bad name. We can’t tell you how many times we hear or read comments about shady solar salesmen and shoddy solar installation work.

To combat this stigma, Green Ridge Solar is highlighting just how bad other solar companies are hurting their customers and the solar industry as a whole. We want to show you the difference between shoddy, careless solar companies and those solar companies that care and take pride in their work.

Let’s take a look at just how bad these solar installations from hell can be, and show you how the Green Ridge Way compares. 




Solar racking is the bedrock of a good solar installation. These metal structures serve as the support for the entire solar array, so it’s crucial to get it right.

Unfortunately, many disreputable solar companies will cut corners and not provide the necessary attention to their solar racking. This is a fatal mistake.

As you can see from the photos above, other solar companies can install solar racking that is unappealing, dangerous, and can cause significant damage to the home. These solar installs look ugly, could cause leaking and water damage inside the home, or even blow off in high winds. Yikes!

On the other hand, Green Ridge takes the time and care required to install sturdy, safe, and appealing solar racking.

Our professional solar installers make every effort to fully measure and engineer solar racking for your unique structure. Every solar install is different, and every solar rack requires a unique design. That’s why we hire experts in their field and hard-working technicians to get the job done right.




Wiring a solar array is another crucial element of any solar installation. Solar panels produce a lot of power, so it’s vital that the wiring is done properly and safely.

Some solar companies either don’t understand or don’t care about the quality of their wiring work. As the photos above show, not only can this result in ugly solar installations, it can be VERY dangerous.

All wiring for solar arrays should be properly insulated and protected against weather and other elements. This means using the right type of wiring and the proper protection. Solar installers should NEVER leave wires uninsulated or left somewhere they could be damaged and pose further risks.

Unfortunately, the photos above can attest to the dangerous wiring conditions some solar companies leave. Wiring that is left exposed or loose can degrade and leave exposed wires. Add to this wiring that is left unsupported and laying on the roof where water can pool, and you have instant potential for electrocution. NOT GOOD!

Plus, some solar companies are in such a rush to finish the install that they have no sense of wiring management. This leaves a confusing and potentially dangerous tangle of wires that later electricians will have the nightmare of dealing with.

At Green Ridge Solar, we don’t subcontract. Instead, we hire local journeymen electricians and solar technicians that are top of their field and know how to do the job right the first time, every time. These solar professionals know how to manage their wiring in a proper, safe manner and ensure they adhere to national electrical code (NEC) standards.


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Aside from being safe and operating properly, your solar array should also look nice.

Constructing an appealing solar array should be of high importance for every solar company. Not only does the homeowner get to appreciate the aesthetics of a solar array every day, so does the entire neighborhood. Because of this, every solar install should be built with appearance in mind.

Again, this is an area where many solar companies fall horribly short. In an effort to install solar arrays in as short a time as possible, some solar companies cut corners with hideous results.

 From the images above, you can see the unsightly outcomes of installer apathy. Solar panels are uneven or at odd angles. some panels are scattered all over the roof instead of in clean, compact arrangements. Others are just slapped on at any angle and any spot where there’s space. There is little regard for the end result and the satisfaction of the homeowner.

At Green Ridge Solar, we take pride in our work and our product. Every solar install is a testament to the quality of our company. That’s why we take pains to design and install solar arrays that are aesthetically pleasing. We understand your home is your pride and joy, and we do everything we can to respect its appearance and your satisfaction.




Above all these factors, one major concern should always be kept in mind: The safety of everyone involved in solar installation.

As with any job that requires working from high spaces, solar installation requires proper safety equipment and procedures. This includes wearing appropriate harnessing, wearing appropriate attire, tying off ropes correctly, and conducting oneself in a safe and responsible manner.

Some solar companies are not as concerned with safety as they should be. This can be seen as solar installers fail to wear harnesses, do not wear appropriate clothing (shorts, sneakers, etc.), do not tie their ropes off at the right length (or at all), and walk on solar panels (which raises the risk of slipping while also causing microfractures in the solar panels).

By not taking the appropriate steps to ensure installer safety, solar companies also risk the safety and finances of homeowners. Not only can falling installers and/or their equipment cause damage and injury to anyone below, some solar companies can actually sue the homeowner for damages. All of this can be avoided.

There is a lot at risk and very little to be gained by cutting corners and ignoring safety precautions. That’s why we observe the Green Ridge Way, where all OSHA and industry safety precautions are thoroughly observed and the safety of homeowner is kept top of mind.


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