Family Fuels Home, EV with Solar, Battery Backup in Dundee, Oregon

Location: Dundee, Oregon
Services(s): Roof Mounted Solar Panels, EV Charger, Battery Backup
Category: Commercial, Residential
Estimated Savings: $50,000

Family Fuels Their EV For FREE!

When building their new home in Dundee, this Oregon family saw the perfect opportunity to eliminate their power bill, save HUGE money on fueling their vehicle, and be prepared for power outages…ALL IN ONE!

The husband and wife already had solar panels in the past, so they knew how much they could save on their utility bills. But they wanted to take it a step further to incorporate more solar technology into their installation.

By installing an LG Prime battery backup system, the family can store the valuable excess energy their solar panels produced during the day. They can then use this saved energy for other important uses, such as charging their electric vehicle (EV).

With their ChargePoint EV charger, the family can charge their electric vehicle directly from the solar panels or their battery. No need to fill up at the gas station. Their EV can charge over night from the battery and be ready to go first thing in the morning!

And how much does it cost to charge their EV? With their solar panels and battery backup, it costs them NOTHING! They are producing their own energy and their own fuel! No need to worry about record gas prices. This family is set and saving TONS on fuel.

What’s even better, this Dundee, Oregon home doubles as a rental property. That allowed the family to unlock special solar incentives for commercial solar installs. On top of other solar tax credits, rebates, and refunds, this commercial solar incentive will save them THOUSANDS on their install and jumpstart their solar savings.

With their solar panels, battery backup, and EV charger, the family expects to save over $50,000 in the first 25 years of their system! Those savings will only grow as electricity and gasoline prices continue to rise year after year.

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